What's in a name...

I am not sure where to start. A blog is a big commitment, especially with having a full time "adulting" job and big travel goals. However, I read a blog recently by a a truly inspiring young man who has traveled to most of our 197 countries, and the kicker? He earned over a million dollars doing it, by blogging. This discovery first sent me into shock and awe that his passion for travel and exploration of cultures led him to become a millionaire, and I became abundantly jealous of his lifestyle at his age...as I sit at my corporate job waiting for my next corporate meeting, that will likely result in a follow-up meeting about the meeting, about the meeting we will surly have next week to talk about next steps...all the while dreaming of my next passport adventure. I lost you after I mentioned that he earned a million dollars by blogging, didn't I? Here's his blog.

I guess before I get into it, I should introduce myself. I am currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I've lived all over the U.S., and had short-term living stints in the United Kingdom and Spain. And many other travel adventures, that I'll get into in a later blog. I work for one of the largest global financial institutions, headquartered here in Charlotte, in our Marketing and Communications organization and am very fortunate to love my job (most of the time), and the people I work with (much of the time), and the business partners that I support (...yep). Apart from loving my job, teammates and business partners (wink), my job affords me the life-style that I love and the travel that I crave.

Friends and family have told me to start a blog for some time now. Capturing travel experiences through photography and video has become an expectation from me, even on short weekend jaunts. So, here we go...

Lets start with the name. As I mentioned before, I love to travel. But I do. I love love love to travel. I love everything about it. Researching destinations all over the world. Planning. Airports. The excitement of the countdown. Trying to make the custom agent smile (ha!), the sound of the passport stamp, the feel of newly exchanged money, sites I've never witnessed with my own eyes, and the smell and taste of food that are unfamiliar. When I was brainstorming what I wanted the name of my blog to be, I jotted down things that I love about travel...here's part of my list: passports, adventure, wide-eyed, exploration, compass, map, senses. I started playing around with them. I looked up pictures of the compass: North, South, East, West - 4 points. I was also told not to be too specific...well, talking about everything that stimulates the 5 senses certainly does not limit my blogging topics. So, there it is. Welcome. This is 4Points5Senses for the places I want to go, and the things I want to experience - no limitations.

I hope you'll come along on my journey. I am still learning and look forward to improving my site, and posting my past adventures...as we count down to the next adventure. First in May - Playa del Carmen, then in April 2017 - back to Africa!

 On top of Table Top Mountain, South Africa - Cheers to loving life, and it loving you right back!

On top of Table Top Mountain, South Africa - Cheers to loving life, and it loving you right back!