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Key Largo, FL - Diver Certification



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Nashville, TN

May 11 - 14


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About Lisa

Being the new kid can be scary. New places to navigate, new faces to read, and lots of established routines to try to fit into. Catching the bus for the first time, "where can I sit"? Going to lunch, "who do I know"?  It takes a lot of courage to be the new kid, to take steps into the unknown...and for a military child, it is something that you learn to do very well because you relocate to a new military base / town every few years. It is my upbringing as a military "brat" that I attribute to my ease to learn and adapt to my surroundings, and my addiction to travel, the unknown, and adventure.

My father is U.S.M.C. Lt. Col. "Nacho" retired. He flew fighter jets during his time in the service and when describing him I still say, "you know, like Top Gun!"

After retiring from military service Dad moved from cockpit to corporate desk, using the leadership skill he obtained in the service to climb the corporate ranks in the financial industry. He recently retired from banking, and is enjoying retired life...for now. He is not one to sit back and enjoy the slow life!

Mom is a retired teacher. She kept the wheels on the bus while Dad was deployed. She tucked us in each night and got us going each morning. We moved in with my grandparents in Maryland (my "roots") and Mom went back to get her teaching degree while Dad was deployed on ship in the Red Sea. She is where I get my outgoing personality, my bright smile, and my very hearty (some say loud) laugh.

My parents taught my siblings and I (Jaime and Patrick) that nothing is out of reach and that we can do anything that we put my mind to. Dad - attending the U.S. Navel Academy, becoming a aviator in the Marines, basically doing all he sets his mind to. Mom - graduating as a single parent, while living at home with her parents and having three children. Both Mom and Dad are the best grandparents (Gigi and Papa) to my niece and nephew (Eva and Fisher).

My sister and I are 22 months apart (she's older!), and my brother is the baby and six years younger than me. Jaime is an engineer and has her P.E. and lives in Atlantic Beach, Florida with her husband, Matt and their two kids, Evan and Fisher (proud Aunt here). My brother, Patrick, lives in Dallas, Texas and is a regional manager for a medical equipment sales firm and UPDATE has recently become engaged to Christina Olsen (soon to be SOL!). 

Now that you know a bit about the amazing people who brought me into this crazy world...a bit about me. I am a single lady living in the "Queen City" - Charlotte, North Carolina. I recently adopted a furry (I think that should be his official breed). His name is Malbec (yes, I like red wine) and I call him Beck most of the time.

My day job I work for a financial institution, headquartered here in Charlotte. Don't be scared off by that! I don't handle money; sticking to the creative field. I support Diversity & Inclusion for our company through employee engagement - basically, internal marketing (communications, design, etc). I've been very fortunate with my career and the amount of travel I have been able to do...on the clock (SCORE). Living and working in the United Kingdom and Spain, and multiple work trips to Canada, Ireland, and even India. It was tough work and long hours, however it was an amazing experience...and it only increased my curiosity of other countries and cultures.

I love great food, red wine, and laughing with friends and family. I am always up for a getaway, no matter the length of time or distance. I am an animal lover and advocate. I work with several animal rescue groups in Charlotte and it is very rewarding. BTW - fostering is an amazing experience and I highly recommend it!

I love dresses and heels, or rocking a t-shirt and baseball cap. Carolina Panthers football! Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons - not super hot every day, and no snow yet...just enough for long sleeves at night or a jean jacket.

I started this blog at the request of some of my friends, actually. I love to travel and travel gives us the opportunity to become story-tellers. I have also started to capture my travel through video and it is so much fun! 

The name of my blog 4Points5Senses provides the opportunity for me to tell-all, from everywhere I travel, to everything I do. To learn more about the name, check out my first blog post - What's in a name?

I look forward to sharing my travel experiences with you, introducing you to my family and friends. Expanding your view in all directions of this amazing world we live, and broadening your senses as we go.

Please feel free to get engaged! Leave comments, and follow me on my social media accounts. Get out and enjoy life, and live in all #4Points5Senses. 


"Of all the books in all the world, the best stories can be found between the pages of a passport."